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WattNode for LonWorks – Options

Support Center.
WND  Series  Wide-Range Modbus.
MCM  Installation  Record.
WattNode Pulse.
WattNode for LonWorks.
WattNode BACnet.
Electrical  Measurement  Math.
Multi-Circuit Meter (MCM) for Modbus®.

WNC Series WattNode Modbus Firmware Versions

Does the WattNode Need Fuses.
WattNode BACnet – Models.
Modbus Master Hardware  Overview .
Electrical Service Types and Voltages.
Monitoring  Solutions .
WattNode 3D and 3Y model  difference s (AN-128).

WND Series WattNode Modbus Firmware Versions

WattNode BACnet Firmware Versions.
Corner-Grounded Delta Circuits.
Current  Transformer  FAQ.
Electrical Panel Schedule Forms.
WattNode Modbus –  Specification s.
Tools for WattNode Modbus Test and  Development .
WattNode WND Module for Modbus.
WattNode BACnet – Firmware Upgrade with Tridium JACE.
WattNode BACnet FAQ.
CT  Installation  and Wiring.
Fitting Multiple Conductors Through a CT.
WattNode Pulse Firmware Versions.
WNA Series Pulse Output WattNode.
WNC Series WattNode Modbus.
WattNode Calibration.
WattNode FAQ.
CT Selection.
Power Factor.
WattNode BACnet Manuals.
WattNode for LonWorks Firmware Versions.
Estimating Power for Delta Circuits.
LonWorks Firmware Upgrade.
RS-485 Polarity Labeling Conventions.
Clear the WattNode Log.
Estimating Power for Wye Circuits.
WattNode Modbus FAQ.
WattNode for LonWorks Option B – Firmware Version 3.03.
WattNode Testing with Step-Up Transformer.
WNA Series WattNode for LonWorks.
WattNode Modbus Six-Digit Register Addresses.
Complete Metering Solutions.
WattNode LonWorks – Option PT.
Installing WattNode LonWorks Resource Files and XIFs (AN-118).
LCDA Power Resolution.
WattNode for LonWorks Option BI – Firmware Version 3.13.
Seisco Water Heater Analysis (AN-119).
Using Web-based control systems to manage building utility usage.
WattLog for LonWorks.
LonMaker LNS Browser Shows No Variables.
What is the difference between 3D and 3Y WattNode meter models?.
Paralleling Current Transformers.
RS-485 Cables for BACnet and Modbus.
Simply Modbus – Monitoring Software.
ACTL-0750 Internal Burden Resistance.
ACTL-1250 Maximum Amps.

WattNode Pulse Power and Energy Meters

Creep Limit.
CTS-0750 and CTS-1250 Series Current Transformers.
CTS Series Split-Core Current Transformers.
Accu-CT Calibration Certificate.
WNA WattNode Pulse – Pulses per Kilowatt-Hour.
WattNode for LonWorks Firmware Upgrade using Niagara AX (AN-124).
Higher Than Expected Pulse Frequency.
WattNode Modbus – Option SSR.
WattNode Modbus – Option TTL.
CT Rated Amps Ranges of All Models.
WattNode Pulse – Option 2N1.
Negative Power Values.

WattNode Revenue Pulse – Models

Niagara AX JACE with WattNode Modbus (AN-125).
WattNode Pulse – Option Kh – Watt-Hours Per Pulse.
Single Phase 208–240 Vac Two-Wire Applications.
ACTL-0750 Advanced Options.
Babel Buster with WattNode Modbus.
WattNode BACnet – Option CT.
WattNode BACnet – Option V104.
Common Modbus Protocol Misconceptions.
WattNode BACnet Object Changes V1.10.
CTL-1250 Series Current Transformers.
WattNode for LonWorks – Specifications.
CT Phase Angle Correction.
WattNode Logger for LonWorks Power Energy Meters.
Current Crest Factor.
WattNode Modbus Floating Point Registers.
WattNode Modbus – Option TCP-RTU.
Incorrect Line Frequency Readings on the Modbus WattNode.
WattNode Modbus Communication Option Issue.
Invalid Response from the WattNode Modbus.
LNS Plug-in and Tridium Niagara.
Manual Supplements.
WattNode Pulse – Option CT.
Niagara AX JACE with WattNode Pulse (AN-126).
WNB or WNC Voltage Ranges and Power Supply.
Terminal Blocks.
Zero Individual Phase Energies.
Checksum Error on the Modbus WattNode.
ACTL-0750 Revision History.
CTML Series Mini Split-Core Current Transformers.

WNA Series WattNode Pulse – Watt-Hours per Pulse

ACT-1250 Revision History.
WattNode Pulse – Downloads.
WattNode BACnet – Specifications.
Communication Troubleshooting the WattNode Modbus.
CTB Series Split-Core Current Transformers.
WattNode Logger for LonWorks – Models.
Double Expected Readings with Pulse WattNode.
WattNode Modbus – Downloads.
WattNode Modbus – Option CT.
How to Compute the Modbus RTU Message CRC.
How to read WattNode Float Registers in the Python Language.
KYZ Pulse Output.
Large Jumps in Energy on the Modbus WattNode.
Measurement Categories (CAT I, II, III, IV).
Modbus Energy Measurements Ten Times Too High.

BACnet and Modbus Energy Measurement Resolution

WattNode Revenue Modbus.
WattNode Wires and Cables Overview.

WattNode Modbus – Option FP (Fast Power)

Pulse Output LEDs.
WNA WattNode Pulse Scale Factors.
Selecting Current Transformers.
32-bit Energy Register Details for the Modbus WattNode.
ACTL-0750 Maximum Amps.
Using NiagaraAX JACE with WattNode for LonWorks (AN-127).
WattNode BACnet – Options.
CTM Series Mini Split-Core Current Transformers.
CT Accuracy Standards.
Meter Accuracy Standards.
WattNode Logger LonWorks Installation.
Full-Scale Pulse Frequency for Pulses per Watthour.
WattNode Modbus Installation.
Measurement Errors Due to CT Phase Shift.
Minimum Energy Machining.
WattNode Pulse – Watt-Hours per Pulse.
Non-Zero Nighttime PV Power Generation.
ACTL Series U.
Photovoltaic and Wind Power Applications.
Pulse Output Relay Equivalents.
BACnet ReadProperty Service Results.
Part Number Ordering Guide.
Synchronized WattNode Measurements.
WattNode Pulse – Models.
WattNode Approvals and Certifications.
WattNode BACnet Option TM1 Specifications.
WattNode for LonWorks – Options.
CTT Series Solid-Core Current Transformers.
Floating Point Resolution.
WattNode Modbus – Options.
WattNode Modbus Option Identification.
WattNode Revenue for LonWorks – Models.
WattNode Pulse – Option DPO – Dual Positive Outputs.
WattNode Pulse – Option P3 – Per-Phase Outputs.
Pressing Service Button in Live Panel.
Pulse Frequency Incorrect.
Pulse Output Cables.
LCDB-E Energy Display.
WNB Case Dimensions.
Using the WattNode with 5 Amp Output CTs.
ACTL-1250 Advanced Options.

BACnet and Modbus Power Measurement Resolution

WattNode BACnet Object List.
CTRC Series Rogowski Coil Current Transformers.
WattNode for LonWorks – Downloads.
Conductor AWG Size vs.
CT Opening Size.
Energy Rollover.
WattNode LonWorks Network Variable Update Rate.
WattNode Voltage Connections.
WattNode Modbus Programming Tips.
Measuring 240 Vac Residential with One Current Transformer.
WattNode Pulse – Option SSR.
WattNode Revenue Pulse.
Reactive Power.
Test Equipment.
ACTL-0750 Option 50 Hz.
Using WattNode BACnet Meters with PC Software.
Modbus Poll Notes.
ACTL-1250 Internal Burden Resistance.
WattNode Pulse – Installation.
BACnet MS-TP Addressing.
Current Transformers (CTs) Explained.
DC Current and Half-Wave Rectified Loads.
WattNode for LonWorks Service LED Flashing.
WattNode Modbus – Models.
Frequency Measurement Resolution.
Wattnode Modbus – Option X5.
Invalid or Incorrect Floating Point Values on the Modbus WattNode.
WattNode Pulse – Options.
Measuring Parallel Conductors.
Modbus.org Documentation.
WattNode Pulse – Specifications.
Monitoring Only One or Two of Three Phases.
No Response from the Modbus WattNode.
WattNode Pulse – Option Hz.
Response Times for WattNode and Current Transformers.
WNC Modbus Customer Questions.
UL File Number.
BACnet Software.
Current Transformer (CT) Wire Extension.
Electrical Terminology.
Enclosures for Outdoor Use.
WattNode Modbus – Option 19K.

WNC-Series WattNode Modbus Manuals

Measuring Multiple Circuits with One CT.
Modbus Message Examples.
Modbus Protocol and the RS-485 Serial Bus Standard.
WattNode Revenue for BACnet – Models.
Neutral with Delta WattNode Models.
WattNode Pulse – Option Hz on 50/60 Hz Systems.
WattNode Pulse – Option PV (Photovoltaic).
The Modbus Register Data Model.
Total Power Factor vs.
Average Power Factor.

Troubleshooting WattNode Pulse Meters

Using Potential Transformers.
Bogus Collision or Duplicate Address Modbus Errors.
WattNode BACnet Installation.
CTs with DC Voltage Output.
WattNode LonWorks Option B Variable List.
Field Update for Option B or BI.

WattNode Modbus Power and Energy Meters

WattNode Modbus – Option IO.
WattNode for LonWorks Installation.
LonWorks Network Troubleshooting.
LonWorks Resource Files.
Medium and High Voltage CT and PT Vendors.
Modbus Message Timing.
Modbus Register Addressing.
Mounting the WattNode in an Electrical Panel.
MS-25 – WattNode for LonWorks – Invert CT Polarity.
Problem Binding nvoDemand.
Sporadic Bad Energy Readings on WattNode for LonWorks.
Variable Speed Motor Drives.
CAS Modbus Scanner.
CT Common Terminals.
WattNode Input Impedances.
Tridium Niagara JAR File Downloads.
WattNode LonWorks – Option B.
WattNode LonWorks – Option BI.
WattNode Modbus – Option AD.
WattNode Modbus – Option EP.
Internal Computations.
WattNode Modbus CtAmps Update.
LonWorks Configuration Properties SCPTs.
LonWorks Energy Measurements Ten Times Too High.
LonWorks File Types.
LonWorks FTT10 Cables.
LonWorks Power Measurements Three Times too High.
WattNode Pulse – Option TVS.
WattNode Modbus Register List.
Why Are Some Settings Locked on Revenue Meters?.
WattNode Pulse – Option PW – Pulse Width.
Reset Peak Demand with nviLogRequest.
RS-485 Interfaces.
WNB Series WattNode Plus for LonWorks.
Testing WattNode for LonWorks Meters.
Using the B&B RS-232 to RS-485 Adapter Model 485SD9RJ.
ACTL CTs UL Conditions of Acceptability.
WattNode BACnet – Downloads.
External Interface Files XIF.
WattNode Modbus – Option 232.
WattNode Modbus Custom Register Map.
Kh Watthour Constant.
WattNode for LonWorks Power and Energy Meters.
LCDA Part Numbers.
WattNode for LonWorks – Options.
LonWorks Device Status and Utilities (JACE).
LonWorks WattNode Reporting All Zeroes.
Modbus TCP-RTU.
WattNode Revenue for Modbus – Models.
Negative Integer Energy Values on the Modbus WattNode.
WattNode Variables Read Zero After Binding.
nviTimeSet Not Updating with NiagaraAX on Wattnode for LonWorks.
WNA Case Dimensions.
Reset Energy on Option B and BI Meters.
TCB Solid Core CT.
Two-Byte vs.
Four-Byte Network Variables.
Unused WattNode Input Phases.
WattNode BACnet Factory Default Settings.
WattNode for LonWorks – Option CT.
WattNode for LonWorks Manuals.
WattNode for LonWorks Program IDs.
Current Transformer (CT) Crosstalk.
Decommission WattNode for LonWorks.
WattNode LonWorks LCD Display.
WattNode for LonWorks vs Logger for LonWorks.
WattNode Modbus – Option 38K.
IP-852 Protocol for LonWorks.

WattNode Modbus Megawatt Power Bug

LCDA Replacement Battery.
LCDA Displays.
LNS 3.00 XIF Bug.
CT Installation Safety.
Fusing the WattNode.
CT Output Voltage Test.
Diris A-30.
Diris A-10 with Modbus.
MV-90 Utility Meter Software.
REACh / RoHS Compliance Declarations.
TAC Vista Workstation Compatibility.
Manual Supplement MS-17.
Two-Phase Electrical Service.
NEC NFPA Electrical Code Notes.
Sub-Metering a Hotel for LEED Certification.
Inverter Power Factor.
LonMaker Software.
LNS Plug-in Versions.
Lon SmartServer Configuration.
Processing i.
LON SmartServer Log Data.
Diris A-20.
Power Metering with a DT80 Using WattNode Transducers.
LNS Plug-in for WattNode for LonWorks.
RS-485 Fiber Optic Links.
Estimating Line-to-Line Voltages.
LNS Plug-in for WattNode Logger.
Modbus Master Windows Software.
Four Wire Delta Circuits.
Energy (kWh) vs.
Power (kW).
CT Shorting Block Details.
Contact Technical Support.
For help troubleshooting problems and technical questions, please send an email to Technical Support.
In addition to your contact information, please include the CCS part number(s) that you have and a description of the symptoms and issues.
For help in selecting part numbers for a job quote, please attach plans, specifications, and electrical drawings, if available.
For help selecting CTs, photos of conductors where CTs will be installed are helpful.
You can also click on the Submit a Ticket button below and fill out the form.
Submit a Ticket    Socomec Modbus meter.
WNB Pulse Firmware.
WNC Modbus Firmware.
WND Modbus Firmware.
Techical Articles.
Power and Energy Displays.
LonWorks Plug-Ins, Network Software, and XIF Files.
Use Case Articles.
WattNode for LonWorks Firmware.
Helpful Resources.
Frequently Asked Questions.
Application Notes.
Legacy Products.
Third Party Products and Services.
Software by Others.
Overviews & How To Guides.
Network Interface.
Safety and Compliance.


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