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CppConClassesProgramMaterialsVideos2020TBARepositoryYouTubeSeptember 15 – September 20.

2019ClassesEight TracksSlidesChannel 9 YouTubeSeptember 22-September 30

2018ClassesSeven TracksSlidesChannel 9 YouTubeSeptember 23-October 1, 2017C++ Best PracticesSeven TracksSlidesChannel 9 YouTubeThe following panels were presented and recorded by the Northwest C++ Users’ Group.
We thank them for providing these videos:Optimizing Code Speed and Space with Build Time SwitchesInternet of ThingsConcurrent Thinking in C++Crafting Embedded Software in C++Debugging and Profiling C++ Code on LinuxExploring the C++ Standard LibraryModern C++ Template ProgrammingModernizing your C++Move Semantics: Everything You Always Wanted to Know, But Were Afraid to AskMoving to C++17: The New Language and Library FeaturesPractical Modern C++Programming with Qt/WidgetsThe Standard Library from ScratchSeptember 17-23, 2016Concurrent Thinking in C++Six TracksSlidesChannel 9 YouTubeCrafting Embedded Software in C++Modernizing your C++Programming with Qt/WidgetsUsing C++ for Low-Latency SystemsSeptember 19-25.

2015Modernizing your C++Six TracksSlidesChannel 9 YouTubeSeptember 7-12

2014no classesSix TracksSlidesChannel 9 YouTube  "The people were great.
Everyone  there was  a serious engineer and had insightful things to say.
Everyone was also friendly.".


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