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Explore Blockchain Use Cases Across Industries

Blockchain Networks Development

There is no results                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Blockchain Networks  Development .

Your foundation of trust with Applicature’s first-class blockchain development solutions

Startups and  enterprise s looking to build their business through blockchain can leverage the potential of private blockchains to enhance their business processes and gain strategic advantage as a first mover and innovator in their industry.

Our Blockchain Development Process
1                                    Definition of business model

use cases, unique value-add, and monetization models.

2                                    Target-market definition with market share

current situation, and identification of key players, projections, and trends.
3                                     Description  of a high-level financial model of the company, with key financial projections and explanation of the revenue streams.
4                                    Definition of the necessity of smart-contract  implement ation.
5                                    Identification of the most suitable blockchain platform type  according  to company business process requirements: users number, scalability, publicity, price (private, public, hybrid).
6                                    Identification of consensus algorithm according to certain blockchain platform: Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, Byzantine Fault Tolerance, Federated Byzatium  Agreement , Graphs, Proof of Authority, etc.
7                                    Blockchain architecture design illustrating the user-platform interaction within the blockchain and non-blockchain-based  environment s.

8                                    Roadmap

with milestones in accordance with business vision and provided requirements.
9                                     Development  of Proof of Concept to highlight the feasibility of the use case.

10                                    Product development

11                                    Utilization of existing blockchain  platforms / design of custom blockchains with deployment of the solution onto the private or public cloud.
Explore Blockchain  Use Cases  Across Industries.
Explore Blockchain Use Cases Across Industries.
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Blockchain development.
Blockchain development.
Blockchain development.
April 7, .

2019                                       Hyperledger vs
Ethereum: Which Platform to Choose

November 28.

2018                                       Blockchain Scalability: Hard Forks

Lighting Network, and Plasma Cash.
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