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Some Grammar and Spelling Issues

The Guardian of Jesi.
Posted on October 9, .

2017 by Russell Dorn   • 0 Comments Graphics - 8.5/10  8.5/10

Gameplay - 7.5/10  7.5/10.
Replay Value - 7.5/10  7.5/10.
Originality - 6.5/10  6.5/10.
7.5/10                                                                         4.3  (3  votes).
Largely Cohesive Graphics.
Classic RPG Feel.
Free to Play.
Some Grammar and Spelling Issues.
Balance Issues.
Largely  Unoriginal .
App  Description .
The Guardian of Jesi – Join the Guardians of Cola and fight against the evil Chinotto Warriors in an amazing RPG  adventure .

In an alternative future after-war the world is threatened by the Evil Chinotto Warriors

Travel in more than ten cities and dozens dungeons in order to beat the evil  warrior s.
Use spells, special skills during the fight.
The Guardian of Cola is an offline RPG that will involve you in  fantasy  world ruled by Dragons.

This Free version of the game includes advertising FEATURES:

10+ Cities  to Explore .
Dozens of Dungeons.
Spells and Special Skills.
Two language choices.
Download  The Guardian  of Jesi.
Download   QR-Code           RPG  The Guardian  of Jesi FREE         RPG CSoft            Free.
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