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Most people deeply involved in Virtual Worlds

Tag Archives: sociology.

Encouraging Exploration: Tales of Telehubs and Hypergrid Hops

December 16, 2010                 15              We all have a desire to explore.
It’s in our nature as human beings to seek out novel things, both the conceptual and the physical.
To be human is to be an explorer.
Virtual worlds give us an opportunity to explore and discover new environments filled with new people.
And given the malleable nature of virtual worlds, we can design these environments in ways to specifically encourage exploration.
But trying to encourage people to explore by design is tricky.
Read on for some thoughts and examples.
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Throughout history, we have tried to build impossible things.
,                      , , , , , , ,                                            The Lattice of Coincidence.
59              “A lot of people don’t realize what’s really going on.
That’s a quote from the movie.
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We all want to look marvelous.
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Most people deeply involved in Virtual Worlds, from researchers to developers to enthusiastic users, have read Neal Stephenson’s novel “.”.
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Technologists wax poetic about how computers can increasingly replicate our ability to think and reason.
Folks like  gleefully proclaim that people really want Google to “.” Even  believes that people re-Tweeting on a global scale somehow means the Internet itself is beginning to engage in human-like problem solving.
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