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total return and GASB reporting
Posted on Saturday September 12, 2020

Investment Management . “I wish that all of the products that the County uses had the same level of support and functionality as SymPro.”. Walla Walla County Treasurer . Investment Management . Feature Rich Solutions . Investment Management jatwater 2020-07-29T12:34:25-04:00 Designed to meet the investment management challenges of today’s Public Sector Treasury Managers. The Emphasys SymPro Investment Solution provides complete investment portfolio accounting reporting and analysis. An investment management solution that creates real-time, actionable intelligence by calculating earnings, accrued interest, capital gains and losses, average daily balance, amortizations, weighted yields, duration, total return and GASB reporting. Foster transparency by producing accurate and timely investment management, . Performance and GASB compliance reports Reduce data entry duplication by creating accounting journal entries reflecting investment transaction activity. Improve Accuracy by importing positions or transactions directly from your custodial bank or broker. Encourage flexibility by creating an unlimited number of portfolio s with multiple funds, divisions or advisers for each portfolio. MODULES. Fixed Income. Includes a comprehensive approach to fixed income investment management. Read More. Provides prior and current valuations, portfolio composition, earnings analysis, schedules of cash flows and maturities, sector and category analysis. Over 50 standard reports are available including full-disclosure financial reports, asset reporting on book, par, market values, earnings reports, change in market value, total return and policy compliance reports. General Ledger Interface. Creates general ledger journal entries to reflect investment transaction activity within a portfolio for a specific date range. Read More. Investment activities include purchases, sales, maturities, income earned, interest/dividends received, change in value, and related journal entries to reflect investment. Users can view the journal entries on screen, print reports, or export the data to an external general ledger application. Earnings Allocation. Allocates earnings from fixed income investments to the participants in an investment pool. Read More. Calculates each participant’s share and distributes earnings based on the proportional average daily balance of each account. Includes options for fee formulas, account exceptions and reports on all participants in the allocation pool portfolio. Market Pricing. Price your portfolios automatically with a single mouse-click. Read More. The Fixed Income module informs you immediately when your prices are outdated; you can then use Market Pricing to update all of your positions at once with current market prices. Financial Services. Reconciles investment positions in your SymPro portfolio with records held by a safekeeping, custody service or trustee. Read More. You may post the market prices of your positions supplied by custody or related service providers as well as import other financial service data files, such as cash transactions or cash balances. Analytics. The Analytics module provides Clients with more complex portfolios the ability to better analyze and report on their performance. Read More. Stress Test your portfolio and assess the effects from a changing interest rate environment. Benchmark your portfolio to any public or private index. Click edit button to change this code.

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Monkey Math (Great for IWBs) Gamequarium
Posted on Saturday September 12, 2020

Category Archives: Math. 11 Sites for Fraction Practice. 1 Comment Posted by on April 18 2012 Fraction Monkeys. Monkey Math (Great for IWBs) Gamequarium. Tutorials, games and learning activities to help with fractions. Math Fractions from Jefferson County Schools Not an exciting site, aesthetically speaking, but with links to 90 different fraction games and activities, this is a great resource. Funbrain Soccer Shootout . Learn fractions by taking penalty kicks. Old-school graphics, but there are 4 different levels to keep it interesting . Visual Fractions Games. Interesting choice of characters for these games, but if you’re into helping Grampy and Grammy using fractions, these games are for you. Check out the more recent platform scales. Sheppard Software. Lots of fun, free games here to help students learn about all types of fractions. Conceptua Math. Videos and lesson plans for students and teachers to help get a better understanding of difficult concepts. FunSchool Action Fraction. Race a car around a track by solving fraction problems in Action Fraction. Melvin’s Make a Match. Fun game for learning about equivalent fractions. Fresh Baked Fractions. More equivalent fraction practice. Matching Fractions. Great matching game for IWBs or individual practice Tweet. Math , fractions, IWB, kids, . Math Student Math Movies Leave a comment Posted by on November 10, . 2011 Student Math Movies Student Math Movies is a Wiki dedicated to sharing movies about many different math topics, ALL created by students. There are 18 different subjects including Addition, Decimals, Division, Estimation, Exponents and more. You are also able to submit a video that your students create. Here is a great example on fractions with a Brady Bunch theme: Tweet. Math, math, tutorials, video Arcademic Skill Builders . Leave a comment Posted by on August 31 2011 Arcademic Skill Builders is a fun site that combines arcade style games with academics to make learning fun. There are 12 different subjects including addition, subtraction, fractions, time, geography, language arts , typing and more. Students can create a public or a private game (private games require students to create a password for that specific game). At the time of this writing, teachers can sign their class up for the Plus version of Arcademic and have the ability to track student performance , create custom content, analyze problem areas, and earn attachments. Tweet. Math, Ed Tech Ideas, edtech, EdTechIdeas, , , games, geography, Information, Keith Ferrell, language arts, Learning, math, productivity, sites for kids, . Sites for teachers Cool Tools for Math 2 Comments Posted by on March 18 2011 This is part II of a series of posts dedicated to free, online math sites to help students learn their basic facts, and to help teachers help their students. You can view part I here. Create a Graph. Create A Graph helps students graph all sorts of data in either a bar, line, area, pie, or xy graph. To create a graph, you choose a type of graph you want to produce, enter your data, change the font and colors (optional) and then either print or save after previewing it. Students are able to save in a variety of formats including pdf, jpg, png, and others. I use this site to help my students graph data they gather when we are researching about developing countries. You can read about this unit here. You can also download this step-by-step guide to help you along: View this document on Scribd Cool Math for Kids. I couldn’t have a post called “Cool Math Tools” without including Cool Math for Kids This site has so many great games, activities, lessons, and even flash cards for math learners ages 3-12 (older students can check out Coolmath.com). There is a Teacher Section with ideas on how to use the site in your classroom, as well as continued education, resources, and a few extras. Multiplication.com. Multiplication.com has some really fun games to help students master their basic facts. Most of the games would go well with IWBs or stand-alone computer stations so they would be good to use as individual or group practice. Some of my favorites include:  Math Wash Up Space Race, Flight of the Knight, Sketch’s World, Castle Quests, and Grand Prix, but there are tons more on the site, so check it out. Tweet. Math differentiation, edtech, EdTechIdeas, , fractions, Information, IWB, Keith Ferrell, Learning, math, mathematics, multiplication, sites, sites for kids, sites for teachers, web 2.0, web2.0 3 Cool Tools for Individual Math Practice. Leave a comment Posted by on March 10, 2011 All three of the following sites would be great to use with an IWB or at a stand-alone computer station for basic math practice. 1. Fraction Monkeys. The goal of Fraction Monkeys is to simply hang the fraction monkey into the correct loop on the number line. The game starts out easy and progresses to greater difficulty the longer you play. 2. Speed Grid. Speed Grid challenges a Player (or players) to answer a set amount of questions in a pre-selected amount of time. 3. Practice Fish. Chose a factor to work on and then solve the math problem by clicking on the correct sea creature swimming by. If you’re using this on an IWB remind students not to hit the board too hard, as they tend to get a little excited:). Tweet. IWB, Math differentiation, , fractions, IWB, Learning, math, mathematics, multiplication, sites Blog at WordPress.com. Post to Send to Email Address Your Name Your Email Address.

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Time and Attendance Software – Mobile Time Clock
Posted on Saturday September 12, 2020

Mobile. Mobile. Mobile. Mobile. Time and Attendance Software – Mobile Time Clock. COVID-19 Resource Center :  Learn about the options you have in order to address the impact of COVID‑19. Learn more. Mobile Time & Attendance Solutions Easily manage employees on the go. Get Demo We’re the top choice for companies like Empower employees with real time insight and easy access to business activities on the go with EasyClocking Mobile. Review & approve time card Clock in / out with GPS geofence View schedules in real time Request paid time off Track job costing Instantly see all employee data Clock In / Out View Schedules Approve Time Card View Employee Time Cards Who’s In Switch Roles Request Time Off Add Time On-the-go access. Timecard approval on the go. Give employees the ability to review and approve their timecards anytime, anywhere. Accessible anytime, anywhere. Employee scheduling. Eliminate schedule-related attendance excuses. Employee has 24/7 access to schedules and shift changes in real time. Geolocation limits. Clocking with GPS restriction . Restrict where employees can and cannot clock in and out from. By setting a geographical perimeter, . Employees are only allowed to clock in or out from the specified GPS location See how EasyClocking helps thousands of businesses across different industries of all sizes manage their time and attendance needs Get Demo Easy access. Request time off. Empower employees with real time insight and easy access to business activities on the go with EasyClocking Mobile Mobile device ready. Track job costing . Employees can select their assigned job codes, and clock in on their own mobile device . Map view. Bird’s eye view. View a map of everyone who is clocked in at all your locations to better manage your projects and employees. EVEN MORE AMAZING FEATURES. Scheduling. A better, smarter, and faster way of keeping track of employee time. Learn more Time Off Management Keep track of time-off requests, uses, responses, and vacation time. Learn more Job Costing. Easily track, manage, and assign pay rates to jobs and projects. Learn more Online Timesheets Never rely on physical paper or manual time clocks again. Learn more Overtime Management Stay compliant with software that helps you manage overtime. Learn more Powerful Reporting Create reports automatically and have instant access to your data. Learn more Export Payroll Payroll is a breeze with our simple to use export system. Learn more Employee Self Service Give your staff access to their schedules anytime, anywhere. Learn more Mobile. Access our time and attendance software even when you’re on the go. Learn more Download Brochure Trusted worldwide by thousands. We wouldn’t be where we are without the help and trust of our customers. Panjwani Group. See how the Panjwani Group was able to centralized their time & attendance process and save 10% of their annual payroll costs with EasyClocking’s biometric and time and attendance solutions. Shahrukh Panjwani, Administrative Coordinator RDC Resorts. We had a serious issue on our hands with employee time theft, it was costing the company hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. See how EasyClocking helped RDC resorts with a reliable biometric solution Jorge Vieyra, RDC Resorts Container First Services. By switching to EasyClocking’s time and attendance software solution Container First Services reduced a process that use to take hours to mere seconds. Project Manager, CFS Delco Remy’s. EasyClocking helped optimize Delco Remy’s time and attendance processes by transitioning from the outdated traditional push card system to the latest in RFID technology. HR Manager, . Delco Remy Sunny Group of Companies With the use of EasyClocking’s advanced fingerprint technology Sunny Group of Companies heightens their multifaceted organization. Project Manager, Sunny Group of Companies View all Case Studies ➞. Take our expert advice. We know that time and attendance can be complicated, let us help you decide a tailored solution that is right for your business.  (305) 900-6913. Mobile. Mobile Time Clock. × Close Panel Pricing that makes sense. Let’s discuss a tailored solution for your time and attendance needs.

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Antonov is a character who uses brute force to deal damage
Posted on Saturday September 12, 2020

#KOFXIV: Antonov & Ryo Sakazaki Combo Video By Persona Entertainment June 14, 2017 Leave a comment Persona Entertainment is back with crazy combos using King of Fighters XIV‘s Antonov & Ryo Sakazaki. Damage, high amounts of meter, and interesting setups are the motif of these combo videos. Antonov is a character who uses brute force to deal damage. He used to be able to do a ton of silly yet very damaging loops but sadly it got nerfed but at least they gave him the ability to OTG with his super. Low combo potential and I really hoped that Antonov would have been able to juggle after his specials since with certain setups, he can put the opponent in a very high juggle state but yeah… it doesn’t reward you with anything no matter how high or low the opponent is. Ryo’s combos are very troublesome due to multiple segments being character specific due to different hurtboxes. Ryo got a nice buff to his combos and that being his EX Zanretsuken being an anywhere juggle (I invented that term by the way. Yes, shameless plugging). While it does extend his combos. A lot of his EX moves can only be used once in a combo still hindering his combo potential but luckily a lot of his moves put the opponent in a juggle state, still being able to dish out some cool combos… if you’re in the corner. Source: Persona Entertainment . Tagged with antonov, combo video, entertaiment, kofxiv, persona, ryo, . Sakazaki Combo Video Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Required fields are marked Name Email This site uses Akismet to reduce spam Categories Select Category Arcade Version Combo Video Community Donation Exhibition Fan Art Fatal Fury featured Garou Interview King of Fighters King of Fighters 2002 King of Fighters 2002 UM King of Fighters 2K2UM King of Fighters 98 King of Fighters 98UM King of Fighters 98UMFE King of Fighters XI King of Fighters XII King of Fighters XIII King of Fighters XIV KOFXIII tutorials Last Blade Latest News Match analysis Mods NeoGeo Battle Coliseum. NeoGeo Station Online Games Patch Podcast Ranbats Real Bout Review Samurai Shodown SNK SNK Games General SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Steam Stream Tournament Tournament Results Tutorial Tutorial Video Uncategorized Xuandou Zhiwang.

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DQS India has CMMI High Maturity Lead Appraisers
Posted on Saturday September 12, 2020

DQS Certification is a premium Consulting and Assessment agency and has experienced professional Consultants for executing CMMI Deliveries based on the DQS Service Delivery which is defined based on the On-time Delivery, High Delivery Standards and have full compliance with CMMI SCAMPI Standards. DQS India, a CMMI Institute Partner, provides CMMI Services including CMMI Assessment (Appraisal), . CMMI Consulting and CMMI Training DQS India has Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who have professional qualification from CMMI Institute. DQS India has CMMI High Maturity Lead Appraisers, CMMI Lead Appraisers and highly experienced Assessment Team Members to provide world class services to organization s worldwide. We provide CMMI Assessment, . CMMI Consulting and CMMI Training services more ISO Certification . DQS India in partnership with AFNOR Group of France (www.afnor.org) provides independent, accredited third party certifications services for internationally recognised standards including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 20000-1, ISO 27001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 50001. more. Picture Gallery. Compliance. Having experience with different domains, industries, methodologies and framework, we offer worlds best professionals for Compliance Management . Services for following compliances are provided by DQS India – SSAE-18 CMMC and SAS70. more. Specialized Audits. Services for following specialized assessments are provided by DQS India – Mystery Audits Brand Protection Audits, Employee Satisfaction Surveys and Customer Satisfaction Surveys. more. Latest News. ISO 22301:2019 Business Continuity Management System Certification has been published The much-awaited update to the ISO 22301 standard has been published on 31 October, 2019. As we all know that ISO 22301 is the International Standard for Business Continuity, which describes the requirements for implementing a Business Continuity. More →. CMMI V2.0 IS LAUNCHED BY THE CMMI INSTITUTE: THE WAIT IS OVER: Today, CMMI Institute has announced the launch of CMMI Development V2.0. Designed to meet the challenges of the changing global business landscape, CMMI Development V2.0 delivers the best solution to benchmark and elevate organizational performance . More →. NEW STANDARD ISO 45001 FOR OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY PUBLISHED: Much awaited the first ISO Standard ISO 45001:2018 for Occupational Health and Safety has been published on 12th March 2018. ISO 45001:2018 formally named as “ Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems – Requirements with Guidance for. More →. DQS AFNOR PARTNERSHIP. Partnership Announcement Letter DQS India CMMI Micro-sites Micro-sites are small websites for targeted information on CMMI Subject: CMMI Blog. CMMI Assessment. CMMI Assessor. CMMI Certification. CMMI Consulting. CMMI Templates. CMMI Training. CMMI Maintenance. See all Micro-sites CMMI PARTNERSHIP. CMMI Institute Partner Message from MD DQS Certification India has always been at the forefront in serving more. Ask Questions about CMMI. DQS SEI PARTNERSHIP. SEI Partner CorpAxis. Note: CMMI, the CMMI logo, Data Management Maturity (DMM), and SCAMPI are registered marks of CMMI Institute LLC, USA. In India is registered trademark of DQS Certification India Private Limited DQS India is registered SEI Partner is registered Trademark of AFNOR Group. Rajendra Khare, MD +1-703-574-4929,. India: +91-9810268573,. e-mail:.

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0Getting OpenZWave working with Home Assistant
Posted on Saturday September 12, 2020

Posts Tagged: openzwave. 0Getting OpenZWave working with Home Assistant . Published 12th Aug 2020 by filed under SmartHome & IoT Last updated 20 Aug, 2020. I am slowly migrat­ing my smarthome setup to Home­As­sist­ant which as with most open-source pro­jects, is pretty unfriendly to start with and takes some learn­ing to use. I have an Aeotec ZStick and an Aeotec Door­bell 6 which work via Z‑Wave and I wanted to cus­tom­ise the tones and reduce the volume a little. You’d think it would be easy right?… Read Full Art­icle aeotec doorbell 6, hass.io, home assistant, openzwave, supervisor, z-wave.

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2017 By Kenneth Ng Tagged: arcade
Posted on Saturday September 12, 2020

Astro Dodge, Events We’re live at the Sacramento Indie Arcade!. April 8, 2017April 8, 2017 By Kenneth Ng Tagged: arcade, demo, exhibit, mobile, sacindiearcade, sacramento We’re showing off our latest game, AstroDodge. Come check us out and support the local developers. Related. Post navigation ← Puppy Space Rescue is Officially Out on Android The Team Returns from IndieCade → Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com Post to Send to Email Address Your Name Your Email Address.

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Un po’ a disagio arriva pronta la replica: “Eh no
Posted on Friday September 11, 2020

Future Health. H. U. M. A. N: una guida alla trasformazione digitale della salute. 24/07/2020. di Cristina Cenci, 24/07/2020. La trasformazione digitale nella sua declinazione H. UM. A. N lancia una sfida importante alla sanità pubblica e privata. È il primo giorno di chemioterapia. Il giovane medico sorridente dice: “la chiamerò Roberto va bene?” Anche Roberto è sorridente e calmo e risponde: “E io la chiamerò Sergio” Un po’ a disagio arriva pronta la replica: “Eh no, io sono il dottor F.”. “E allora io sono il Professor U.” conclude il paziente. L’etnografia dei dialoghi della cura, consente di cogliere in brevissime interazioni spontanee equivoci nel linguaggio che possono diventare pratiche non appropriate . Dare del tu per comunicare un senso di vicinanza diventa altro se non è reciproco. Viene percepito dal paziente come la privazione di uno status identitario adulto, come la sospensione del proprio ruolo e di tutto quello che si è e si sa fuori dall’ospedale. E tutto questo viene spesso confuso con l’umanizzazione delle cure. Un grande equivoco caratterizza infatti l’aggettivo “umano” associato alla pratica medica. Umano è talvolta considerato sinonimo di cordialità, pseudo orientamento amicale, informalità. E chiaramente tutto questo è limitato strettamente ad una relazione faccia a faccia, considerata a priori più umana di una interazione a distanza. La guida Patients’ Advice for a H U. M. A. N Digital Health , mostra cosa significa umano dal punto di vista dei pazienti e il potenziale della trasformazione digitale per una reale umanizzazione delle cure. La guida è a cura della Digital Health Academy con il coinvolgimento di 47 associazioni dei pazienti e il contributo incondizionato di Fondazione MSD, che ha accompagnato questo percorso nel tempo con la formazione e il coinvolgimento attivo dei pazienti nella scelta delle eccellenze digitali in Italia con il Patients’ Digital Health Awards. Giunto alla sua terza edizione, il premio ha rappresentato il punto di partenza per l’ideazione e l’elaborazione del modello H. U. M. A. N. Continua a leggere l’articolo su cristinacenci.nova100.ilsole24ore.com. Tags: Digital Health, innovazione , Innovazione Digitale, pazienti, trasformazione digitale. Cristina Cenci. Antropologa, ha creato l’istituto di ricerca Body&Society LAB e il Center for Digital Health Humanities. Studiosa dei social media , analizza le conversazioni online per capire vissuti, bisogni, rappresentazioni sociali associate alla salute e alla malattia. newnormal.health: l’hub globale delle risorse per gestire la “nuova normalità” Atopia Visita Virtuale : il primo video-consulto gratuito per le persone con dermatite atopica Articoli correlati. Atopia Visita Virtuale : il primo video-consulto gratuito per le persone con dermatite atopica. Telemedicina e cronicità, 3.389 interventi in teleassistenza per le persone con parkinson durante l’ emergenza covid-19 . newnormal.health: l’hub globale delle risorse per gestire la “nuova normalità”. PHARMASTAR presenta il volume Digital Therapeutics dalla A alla Z StartupItalia Open Summit Summer Edition “Unbreakable Generation” è Live Smart Access: il triage automatico di accesso in ambulatorio

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Una de estas herramientas impulsadas por la IA es Logomaker
Posted on Friday September 11, 2020

01. May. , Herramientas online. No hay comentarios . El logo es la cara de la marca, es un activo para las marcas, instigando reacciones y recuerdos. Las marcas ponen gran énfasis en encontrar el logo correcto, que comienza con la conceptualización, la incorporación de la terapia de color y eventualmente se pasa al producto final. Este proceso puede ser agotador y consumir mucho tiempo en su mayor parte, pero los tiempos están cambiando. Con la introducción de tecnología como la Inteligencia Artificial está cambiando la forma en que las marcas formulan sus logos y generan su historia de marca. Una de estas herramientas impulsadas por la IA es Logomaker, que ayuda a las empresas a realizar, conceptualizar el logo de sus marcas en dos minutos.  Logomaker es una herramienta inteligente de generación de logotipos con un editor simplificado y una amplia biblioteca de contenidos que permite a los usuarios crear logotipos únicos y profesionales para su negocio. ¿Intrigado. Aquí están las 10 mejores cosas sobre Logomaker que ayudan con su proceso de marca 1. AI se convierte en tu compañero de trabajo. A diferencia de los conceptos erróneos que rodean a la IA no está aquí para reemplazar a los humanos sino para ayudarlos. Automatizar ciertas tareas, y proporciona r opciones para una mejor y concisa toma de decisiones. Genera múltiples opciones basadas en su categoría de enfoque. Las tres categorías de enfoque son el icono, el nombre o las iniciales del logo. También te proporciona opciones de colores e iconos. Básicamente. La IA se convierte en un compañero de trabajo altamente eficiente guiando el proceso de marca en cada paso. La IA generará miles de logotipos 2. Los usuarios tienen el control total!. La IA no se apropia del proceso sino que te da opciones y control. En cualquier momento que estés usando la herramienta, tienes la opción de volver atrás y cambiar tus elecciones, por ejemplo, cambiar el estilo o la historia de los colores. La IA entonces se ajusta a estas nuevas opciones Además, a diferencia de la subcontratación que hace más difícil controlar la narración, la herramienta interna permite tomar el control del proceso todo el tiempo. Reduciendo las posibilidades de mala comunicación y generando maquetas de logotipos de calidad más acordes con la marca. 3. ¿Malcriado para las opciones?. Diferentes estilos de iconos, opciones de paleta de colores y enfoque de categorías significa que nunca se agotan las opciones. La herramienta proporciona una salida visual para toda la experimentación posible, así que sabes que has explorado todas las opciones y creado un logo que es perfecto. También tienes acceso a millones de gráficos y fuentes y la opción de elegir entre más de 10.000 iconos y millones de combinaciones de colores y fuentes. 4. Navegación fácil UX. La herramienta Logomaker ha sido probada por expertos en experiencia de usuario para facilitar su uso a todo el mundo. Así que, ya sea que seas un comercializador digital, o un usuario novato de todas las cosas de tecnología, . El UX de Logomaker es fácil de seguir El enfoque ha sido hacer que la herramienta fluya sin problemas a través de los pasos, lo cual ciertamente hace. 5. Eficiencia en el tiempo. La generación del logo “en minutos”, no es un truco de marketing sino el resultado de una IA superior que tiene acceso a abundantes datos. Esto. Unido a una experiencia UX sin fisuras significa que se pasa menos tiempo confundiéndose sobre cómo utilizar la herramienta y más tiempo colaborando con la IA. El claro curso de acción, los simples pasos no dejan espacio para el tiempo de buffer. La Inteligencia Artificial inteligente sólo se suma a la transición suave la generación del logo y el kit de marca. 6. Generación sencilla de tonos de color. La principal razón por la que las empresas subcontratan el trabajo creativo a profesionales se debe a las complejidades que conlleva el trabajo de diseño. Una de esas complejidades es la elección del color del logo, un logo es eterno, por lo que la elección de la paleta de colores correcta no puede tomarse a la ligera. La opción de colores disponibles para Logomaker significa que se obtiene un conjunto de colores complementarios para probar antes del compromiso final. La posibilidad de jugar con diferentes historias de colores le da a los expertos en marcas la libertad de elegir el más adecuado. 7. Generar borradores de los productos finales. El Logomaker ayuda en cada proceso de creación de un logotipo si la intención no es utilizar la herramienta para generar un diseño final, la herramienta también puede ser útil para generar maquetas y conceptualizar los diseños. Ofrece a los usuarios una plataforma visual para ver la interacción entre los elementos del diseño, si los conceptos se traducen bien a un diseño tangible. 8. Múltiples opciones de descarga. El logo generado puede ser fácilmente transferido y usado para proyectos de relaciones públicas, grabado en sobres y más. Como se descarga en múltiples formatos que incluyen PNJ, JPG y SVG, el logo generado puede ser editado una vez generado, y puede ser fácilmente transferido a diferentes plataformas y materiales sin mucha molestia. Proporcionándole logotipos de alta resolución en múltiples formatos. Los archivos descargados son también medios sociales y de fácil impresión. Con tanto énfasis en las opciones y elecciones, no pensaste que la herramienta restringiría los cambios de post producción, ¿verdad. La herramienta entiende que la creatividad es un proceso, tiene capas, con las opciones de descarga de SVG puedes usar el logo generado como una maqueta y construir sobre él de forma independiente. Optimizando el diseño en el proceso. 9. Múltiples auto-generaciones disponibles. Después de generar la maqueta de tu logo la herramienta te permite personalizar la generación a tu gusto, mezclando y emparejando los colores, las fuentes, los iconos y el patrón de diseño. Esto significa que sólo con ciertas entradas en el extremo de los usuarios, la herramienta auto genera múltiples variaciones con las que puedes trabajar. Edita fácilmente con el editor incorporado. 10. Equipado con un completo kit de marca. Basándose en su preferencia de logo, al final de las generaciones de logotipos se le proporciona un kit de marca única. Una compilación de su marca racional que incluye los tipos de fuentes, colores y otros activos, necesarios para construir y fortalecer su marca. Cada kit está equipado con muestras de maquetas, variaciones de logotipos y una narración de marca completa. Si estás interesado en perseguir más proyectos en diseños o creación de contenidos, . Designs.ai es una herramienta única que utiliza la IA para ayudar a hacer el proceso Enlace | Logomaker logotipo, Tips. Diego Mattei 9 razones por las que deberías usar el Videomaker. Cómo ampliar el contenido de los vídeos a nivel internacional. También te recomiendo. 30 secretos de Photoshop para mejorar tus habilidades 60 vectores gratuitos para tus logos. Photoshop Playbook. Un índice con excelentes videotutoriales. 45 interesantes trucos de Photoshop que debes saber. Deja una respuesta Cancelar la respuesta. Tu dirección de correo electrónico no será publicada. Los campos obligatorios están marcados con Comentario Nombre Correo electrónico Web Este sitio usa Akismet para reducir el spam. Aprende cómo se procesan los datos de tus comentarios.

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User’s Guide Sensor Channels 4x FSR
Posted on Friday September 11, 2020

[email protected] Trigno™ 4-Channel FSR Adapter 2020-03-24T21:38:47-04:00 Trigno 4-Channel FSR Adapter. Designed to provide relative pressure information of body-contact surfaces. Each sensor transmits 4 independent analog signals, . Each servicing an individual FSR (Force Sensitive Resistor) membrane These thin membranes are often affixed to shoe inserts for recording foot pressure timing at the heel, the toe, the first and the fifth metatarsals. Alternatively, these same sensors can be used to assess grip force during grasping tasks, or pressure distribution on the back while seated or lying down. Specifications Book a Demo Identify the timing of significant events Make relative amplitude comparisons . Available sizes: 0.2” circle diameter, 0.5” circle diameter and 1.5” square. Up to 40 m range. 2.4 GHz transmission . Specifications. User’s Guide Sensor Channels 4x FSR, up to 6x IMU Size (Body) 27 x 46 x 13 mm Mass 19 g Operating Range 40 m in RF mode Host Dependent/unlimited datalogger Wireless Protocol -2.400-2.483 GHz ISM Band, Proprietary RF Protocol -BLE V4.2 FSR Bandwidths DC-50 Hz FSR Sampling Rate (Max) 1111 sa/sec Accelerometer Sampling Rate (Max) 741 sa/sec Gyroscope Sampling Rate (Max) 741 sa/sec Orientation Sampling Rate (Max) 74 sa/sec Sensor Resolution 16 bits Battery Life Up to 8 hours Recharge Time (typical) 2.5 hours Inter-Sensor Latency < 1 sampling period EMG Analog Output Delay 48 ms Fixed ACC/Gyro Analog Output Delay 96 ms Fixed Real-Time IMU Orientation Filter Quaternions or RPY (selectable) Material Medical Grade Polycarbonate Seal and Protection UV-sealed to prevent moisture from entering the sensor & to enhance patient safety Patents Protected by one or more of the following Patents 6480731, 6238338, 6440067, 9351559, 8971983, EP1070479 Systems Integration Quote Request Contact Us Shop Supplies.

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