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total return and GASB reporting

Investment Management .
“I wish that all of the products that the County uses had the same level of support and functionality as SymPro.”.
Walla Walla County Treasurer .
Investment Management .
Feature Rich Solutions .
Investment Management jatwater 2020-07-29T12:34:25-04:00 Designed to meet the investment management challenges of today’s Public Sector Treasury Managers.

The Emphasys SymPro Investment Solution provides complete investment portfolio accounting

reporting and analysis.
An investment management solution that creates real-time, actionable intelligence by calculating earnings, accrued interest, capital gains and losses, average daily balance, amortizations, weighted yields, duration, total return and GASB reporting.
Foster transparency by producing accurate and timely investment management, .

Performance and GASB compliance reports

Reduce data entry duplication by creating accounting journal entries reflecting investment transaction activity.
Improve Accuracy by importing positions or transactions directly from your custodial bank or broker.
Encourage flexibility by creating an unlimited number of portfolio s with multiple funds, divisions or advisers for each portfolio.
Fixed Income.
Includes a comprehensive approach to fixed income investment management.
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Provides prior and current valuations, portfolio composition, earnings analysis, schedules of cash flows and maturities, sector and category analysis.
Over 50 standard reports are available including full-disclosure financial reports, asset reporting on book, par, market values, earnings reports, change in market value, total return and policy compliance reports.
General Ledger Interface.
Creates general ledger journal entries to reflect investment transaction activity within a portfolio for a specific date range.
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Investment activities include purchases, sales, maturities, income earned, interest/dividends received, change in value, and related journal entries to reflect investment.
Users can view the journal entries on screen, print reports, or export the data to an external general ledger application.
Earnings Allocation.
Allocates earnings from fixed income investments to the participants in an investment pool.
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Calculates each participant’s share and distributes earnings based on the proportional average daily balance of each account.
Includes options for fee formulas, account exceptions and reports on all participants in the allocation pool portfolio.
Market Pricing.
Price your portfolios automatically with a single mouse-click.
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The Fixed Income module informs you immediately when your prices are outdated; you can then use Market Pricing to update all of your positions at once with current market prices.
Financial Services.
Reconciles investment positions in your SymPro portfolio with records held by a safekeeping, custody service or trustee.
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You may post the market prices of your positions supplied by custody or related service providers as well as import other financial service data files, such as cash transactions or cash balances.
The Analytics module provides Clients with more complex portfolios the ability to better analyze and report on their performance.
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Stress Test your portfolio and assess the effects from a changing interest rate environment.
Benchmark your portfolio to any public or private index.
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