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There are far more images available for Ansimuz Games

Ansimuz Games.
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Developer: Ansimuz Games Based in Mexico Founding date: Jan 1

2013 Website: ansimuz.com Press / Business Contact: http://ansimuz.com/site/contact Social:twitter.com/ansimuz Releases:Elliotquest Address:Guadalajara Mexico Phone: – Description.

Ansimuz is a Mexican independent game studio founded by Luis Zuno


Early history I started (Ansimuz Games) on my own on Jan 2013

i quit my Job and havent looked back since then.
After that Talented people from USA and Canada got interested on my first project Elliot Quest and collaborated on Elliot Quest my very first commercial project.

Launch trailer YouTube Images

There are far more images available for Ansimuz Games, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you.
If you have specific requests, please do contact us.
Logo & Icon.

Download logo files as .zip (291KB) Awards & Recognition

“Winner in this highly relevant contest.” – None at the moment.
Selected Articles.
“This is a rather insignificant quote by a highly important person.”- Person Name, Website.
Additional Links.
Music by Michael Chait is the author for the music in Elliot Quest http://www.michaelchaitmusic.com.
Team & Repeating Collaborators.
PlayEveryWareGame PublisherMichael ChaitMusicDanny HomanWriterIan Menzies Kickstarter ManagerTim KellyPrinted Art Contact.
Inquiriesluiszuno.com/blog/contactTwittertwitter.com/ansimuzWebansimuz.com presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) – also thanks to these fine folks.

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