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0Getting OpenZWave working with Home Assistant

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0Getting OpenZWave working with Home Assistant .

Published 12th Aug 2020 by filed under SmartHome & IoT

Last updated 20 Aug, 2020.

I am slowly migrat­ing my smarthome setup to Home­As­sist­ant which

as with most open-source pro­jects, is pretty unfriendly to start with and takes some learn­ing to use.
I have an Aeotec ZStick and an Aeotec Door­bell 6 which work via Z‑Wave and I wanted to cus­tom­ise the tones and reduce the volume a little.

You’d think it would be easy right?… Read Full Art­icle aeotec

doorbell 6, hass.io, home assistant, openzwave, supervisor, z-wave.

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