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Main and Elm: Really? and Morsels

Here is the latest Main and Elm column from the New Canaan Advertiser. Main and Elm logo
Longtime retailers are planning to introduce autonomous baby strollers later this year… .
Sept. 28 Advertiser Coffee Topics: Merritt traffic on local streets; Swapping at Transfer Station; Grace Farms and Rotary with global causes; Condition of roads after gas line installation; Boy Scouts’ service; Pine Street; Plans for new library and taxpayer funding; Upcoming events.
Candidates Talk
Starting this Friday, Oct. 5, and occurring each Friday in October at the Advertiser Coffee, the candidates for state senator and state representative in districts including New Canaan will be at the Advertiser Coffee. A portion of the hour will be devoted to them — one race per week — so they can ask for your vote. All are welcomed. Fridays, Historical Society, 9 to 10 a.m. sharp.
View from Elm
An informal Saturday Elm Street survey indicated Democrats prefer their eggs sunny side up, Republicans over easy and Unaffiliateds scrambled… .
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