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Boxing VS Wing Chun

Style versus style challenge matches are one of the most exciting things about martial arts and a popular fight to watch would definitely be Boxing and Wing Chun. Ever wondered who are the toughest fighters? The pros and cons of each and which technique you would like to take up? Did you know that thanks to Bruce Lee, Wing Chun is the most popular martial arts of the Chinese origin in Hong Kong. Martial Arts Social Network allows you to explore other martial arts of all origins. Boxing is often looked down upon by Wing Chun practitioners. They believe that their direct straight punches are faster and superior to the hooks and looping punches of Western Boxing. Others disagree and claim boxers are stronger in their upper body, quick on their feet and pack the most powerful knock outs.
Pros of Boxing

Boxing strengthens the muscles throughout your body and intense conditioning will get you into the best cardiovascular health of your life
The punches you make burn off frustration and can help you forget about the day’s stresses and help clear your mind
If you train like a boxer your body fat levels will become optimal. Stamina and strength will sky rocket and you will produce a chiseled, lean body
Boxing’s technical and training work keeps you focused and takes your mind to a therapeutic space like skipping, jumping rope, punching the speed bag or working up a sweat against your partner’s focus pads
By perfecting your boxing skills, you gradually shape your body into a weapon for self-defense. You will be able to express your dominance but also experience your limits and be motivated to push yourself further
Much better coordination, balance, and control of the body because boxing requires you to work on your flexibility, essential to effective punching and dodging
Improved confidence from knowing you can handle people straight up trying to punch you into unconsciousness.

Cons of Boxing

Amateur and professional boxers risk head injuries, including concussions, cuts, bloody and fractured noses and even brain damage
Pursuing boxing and boxing fitness may be very expensive

Wing Chun has often been called “the thinking man’s martial art” however originally Wing Chun was not a “man’s” martial art at all, but the only fighting technique in the world known to have been invented by a woman.  Ng Mui was a Shaolin Nun and she developed the art by taking only the most direct and effective techniques of Shaolin Kung-Fu by creating a compact martial training system specially suited and designed to defeat bigger, stronger and faster opponents.  Ng Mui and her female student Yim Wing Chun used this new style against several men in challenge fights and they both never lost a fight.

Wing Chun Pros

Wing Chun is all about speed, it teaches you to be fast in every movement
Very unique handwork
Great grappling with good footwork
Ability to perform arm and leg breaks, throat and groin strikes, eye gouges, finger locks, hair pulling, biting
The movements and principles are universally applicable to any fight situation, that empty-hand practice, weapons practice, and empty vs. weapons practice all utilize exactly the same structures and techniques
Wing Chun relies on body mechanics and touch sensitivity instead of speed and brute force to overcome an opponent
Improved balance and flexibility


Lack of kicks and lack of many grappling techniques
Lacks power in movements and strikes
Tough conditioning and not very easy to learn

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